Sorry…I forgot

My ability to forget things is a skill. It takes great talent to forget birthdays, lunch plans, appointments, shopping lists, things people said only a few minutes earlier, and words that I know I know but can’t seem to find even on the tip of my tongue. And that all happens in one day...

Listen to My Interview With Kate Milliken, MS Activist Rock Star

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This is Mitch Sturgeon who is a user of, as well as the founder of Are you living with MS, progressing and feeling scared about it? This podcast is for you.

Hellooooo Lean Into Lonely, our first podcast, where MCP founder Kate Milliken dives into deeply personal moments of lonely from the people she knows. Why? Because more and more, we at MyCounterpane understand that we are ALLL…

Cast Away

Living with MS sometimes feels like I’m stranded alone on a remote island.

But it’s not an escape to “paradise,” as there are no swaying palm trees, crystal blue waters or cool white sandy beaches...

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